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Dga Matt Bell Proseries Steady

Matt Bell Steady ? This new ProSeries disc for the 2020 season has a great feel! Reminiscent of the McBeth Luna plastic, there is a bit of stiffness and a great amount of tack/grip. Very clean look of the blank top and mini bottom stamp!

Steady ? The newest putter in DGA?s lineup, released early 2015, the Steady has a very familiar feel with a nice Big Bead rim. Named after Steady Ed Headrick and adorning his #001 PDGA number, this was an instant classic!

Available in a few blends of plastic, including this limited run of Rubber Blend type plastic. They are very grippy!

Here is what DGA has to say about this run Matt?asked us if we could make his 2020 ProSeries Steady a little firmer than last year (similar to the ProSeries Steady from 2018) and according to him, they came out perfect! ?Available in several different colors this year as well.?

Speed: 2? ?Glide:?3 ?Turn: 0? ?Fade: 1