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Axiom Prism Plasma Envy Special Edition

Realized in gorgeous triple-foil,?Michael Ramanauskas?brings his talents to the Prism Plasma Envy SE! Complete with an impossible shape and foiling that plays on prismatic refraction, this SE fits perfectly with the Envy?s first printing in Prism Plasma. Like any good prism, the Prism Plasma Envy SE looks particularly stunning in the light ? especially spinning down a fairway!?

The Envy is a slightly overstable putt and approach disc. It?has a smooth modern feel that fits in the hand perfectly, lending confidence for both putt and approach duties.?It exhibits reliable high-speed stability and a minimal fade. The Envy is a uniquely "lid-like" stable putter.

Speed: 3? ?Glide: 3? ?Turn: 0172g