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Discraft Crazy Tuff Ct Buzzzos

Crazy Tuff Buzzz OS ? The Buzzz OS is a great overstable compliment to the Buzzz. It is beadless and feels great in the hand and is perfect for forehand approaches. Now you can get this amazing mold in the Crazy Tuff plastic! This plastic is amazing and has a nice stiff feel to it in a base plastic. It lasts a very long time for the type of plastic it is ?hence the name Crazy Tuff. Mark Morris did the Buzzsaw artwork on this and hit it out of the park again. This stamp is perfect for this overstable midrange to carve your way through the trees on those touchy approaches. ?Grab a ?Buzzsaw Crazy Tuff Buzzz OS today!!

Speed: 5? ?Glide: 4? Turn: 0? ?Fade: 3