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Axiom Neutron Paradox Special Edition

Directly inspired by the great M.C. Escher, artist?Scott Oswalt?used kaleidoscope-esque imagery to visually represent his Paradox.?Scott:?"I wanted to take Escher's style of art and combine it with a design that fits the Axiom brand. Something symmetrical that has dimension, with a futuristic feel."

Among the most understable midranges ever produced, the Paradox is capable of some truly unique lines. High-power players will be using the Paradox for utility lines like rollers, low speed flip ups, massive nose up anhyzers, and other touch moves. Low-power players will find the Paradox is a great first midrange for straight or hyzer-flip flights. Whether you?re using it as a teaching tool, or a utility disc for woods golf, the Paradox?s understability won?t let you down. If you need it to turn, the Paradox is the disc for you!

Speed: 5? ?Glide: 4? ?Turn: -4? ?Fade: 0