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Its time to take over the world. With a lot of risks and the right strategy, it can all be yours. Take over countries one by one in the classic board game Risk. Unpredictable rolls of the dice can make or break you as you face your opponents in battle. With some careful planning, your opponents will need more than luck to defeat you. Strategically place your troops and try to conquer other countries by facing your opponents troops in battle. The more area you control, the more troops youll receive each turn; but dont spread yourself too thin or you might just lose vital countries. In the heat of battle, risks must be taken - take them at the right time and prove you were born to rule the world! Highlights: iclassic game of world domination Includes an new introductory game for beginners and two player version Quality components and pieces Mix of luck and strategy makes each game exciting contents: i200 infantry 60 cavalry 40 artillery 43 cards 5 dice Rulebook